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We do food supplies, drinks, IQF, cosmetics, medicine, seafood, agriculture, raw goods, and other goods made in Thailand to world wide. We can do all necessary procedures for you. We supply goods from Thailand and to Thailand. We do import and export customs formalities, land, sea and air logistics, licensing (alcohol, medicine, cosmetics), certification, services and more.

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Search Manufacturer

Search for reliable supplier in Thailand is not a simple task and requires certain knowledge, relationships and methods of security vetting Supplier or Manufacturer. At the beginning, let’s look at What is the difference between supplier and Manufacturer.

Supplier of the goods in Thailand - is often a company that provides service in organizing supplies of small volumes from one or more manufacturers, consolidates cargo at their own warehouse for further delivery. Delivery services and international logistics organizes through third-party companies. In the case of delivery of non quality product or if you need to replace the item (warranty) you will have to apply directly to the manufacturer, unless otherwise specified in the contract. Supplier is often not a large organization and can't supply goods of your own specification. Supplier supplies finished product, without any possibilities in modifications and changes.

For example, you need a supplier of frozen semifinished products in Thailand with a wide variety, but the shipments will not be big, and the frequency of shipments is known only approximately. In this case, you can contact to our company, because we are supplier of quality food products and semi-finished products as well. Range only trusted manufacturers able to combine cargo and reduces minimum order quantity to one type item.

The advantages include the following factors:
Minimum order of one type item
Ability to organize the delivery of goods from different manufacturers
Consolidation of cargo on one stock
Quick Start - You do not need to wait in queue for the production
Contract with one company

Manufacturer of goods in Thailand - is a factory or group of companies whose main activity are to create goods. In other words - Producer. Manufacturer has certain technologies, equipment, technology,  industrial and technical complex and territories, quality control system, storage spaces and lots of employees and workers staff.  Manufacturer produces goods according to the template using certain technologies in large volumes. You cannot order production of a single item (it’s possible), but the mass production of one item or several similar products - this is the main problem that in everyday mode solves by manufacturers. If you needed big volume of goods, then you need to seek the manufacturer.


For example, you need to organize the supply of frozen fruit in large volumes and perhaps under own brand. In this case it is necessary to search for a reliable manufacturer, meets the declared volumes and product quality. Check the reliability of the company’s reputation, certificates of quality, to inspect production facilities and storage facilities, and much more that you can’t do without visiting Manufacturer.

The advantages include the following factors:
Less costs of one item
The possibility of manufacturing the goods with your specifications and under own brand
Revolving shipments in declared volumes
Quality control and after-sales service
The possibility of obtaining exclusive rights to sell the products in the region / country

And so, how to search for suppliers and manufacturers in Thailand?

Search for a supplier or manufacturer - is a process of careful selection and security vetting consisting of many stages. Particular attention is paid to the verification of documents issued by government agencies and other departments of their authenticity and relevance. Check the address and contact details, the actual presence, will make request for information in register and listed companies in Thailand, as well as compare these data with the obtained documents. At your request, to send employees to carry out preliminary negotiations and perform other advanced tasks. We know what to do!

As a supplier of various kinds of food and product we offer you to get acquainted with the range of our company in the "Goods". Perhaps we already operate to product you are looking for the supplier and it will reduce your costs. We also have our own packing factory, engaged in prepacking fresh fruits and vegetables and deliver air / sea of perishable goods.

Are you looking for products in Thailand but its difficult for you to find and communicate with factory? Or you are looking for factory in Thailand and would like to produce your goods then export from Thailand to your country.

We would like to offer you one of our services “Factory searching”. What will you get?

  1. We will find the best matched factory depends on your product specification. Reliable factory!
  2. We will provide product list, price list, certificates, company documents.
  3. We will provide contact information of person in charge for overseas market.

Then we will offer you our second service: “Product supply”. What will you get?

  1. We will request all needed documents for you and will translate it if necessary.
  2. We will communicate with Thai factory on behalf of you and deal.
  3. We will inspect factory on behalf of you and provide inspection report together with photos and videos.
  4. We will request samples and ship it directly to your door.
  5. We will place an order (PO) based on your conformation and will control all processes till the end. Report to you at every stage.
  6. We are able to control payments against deals.
  7. We will inspect your order before shipping and fix all problems and report to you together with video and photo.
  8. We will ship the order to your country and proceed customs clearance as well as other needed formalities.
  9. We will deliver your order directly to your warehouse/factory/office with all documents.

Our company will save your time time because we take care all the procedure from the beginning until you get the goods. 

No matter what option, all you need to find a reliable manufacturer in Thailand is to contact our company, and we’ll do it professionally. Please contact our specialists at section "Contacts".