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Export and Import in Thailand

We do food supplies, drinks, IQF, cosmetics, medicine, seafood, agriculture, raw goods, and other goods made in Thailand to world wide. We can do all necessary procedures for you. We supply goods from Thailand and to Thailand. We do import and export customs formalities, land, sea and air logistics, licensing (alcohol, medicine, cosmetics), certification, services and more.

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Import and Export

Our services can be divided into several directions. The main is export from Thailand world wide and import of goods made in other countries to Thailand. Let's take a closer look at both directions.

Export from Thailand

Export goods made in the Kingdom of Thailand, as well as from other Asian countries, is increasing more and more each year. This is facilitated by regular changes for the better economic and political relations of ASEAN. The history of mutually beneficial cooperation between other countries and Thailand has been developing for more than centuries during this period the volume exported / imported goods overcame long line then billion tons. Every year from Thailand exports hundreds of tons of food, machinery, electronics and other goods used in the production and wholesale and retail.

But for the majority Thailand is still remains a mysterious and unusual country, in the European sense.  Culture, language and the peculiarities of doing Asian businesses are the leading cause of difficulty for many entrepreneurs and large manufacturers in the World to organize direct supplies of goods to the shelves. Our Alliance in everyday mode overcomes these barriers, thereby creating an opportunity for other country companies to establish export and industrial relations with Thailand.

Realization of deliveries foods and consumer goods directly increases not only sales but also brings the company to a higher level. Companies that decide refuse middlemen and "outbid" time to time faced with a situation where they are forced to to delay planned due to insufficient for this volume, linguistic barriers, difficulties anticipated supply schemes and release of the necessary permits.

As mentioned earlier, one of the main directions of our company is to provide a full range of services in export goods from Thailand to other countries. We search and select products, organize procurement of the goods, checks quality / quantity before sending, makes customs clearance, release all the necessary documents, including the translation of technical and other documentation required from you to pass the border. According to your technical requirements we able to arrange product labeling with the composition of the product, packaging and packing. Delivery by air and sea, according debugged scheme and necessary conditions we guarantee due to our partnerships with world major carriers with exclusive rates.

In order to optimize the costs of shipping goods, and in cases of insufficient volume for container transportation, we provide the possibility of organizing and consolidate modular cargoes at temporary storage warehouses for its further delivery. This feature is optimal in conditions waiting consignments from different manufacturers in Thailand and reduces costs for leased storage containers and as a result of unit value.

For more information and advice you can contact our office in Thailand. Just visit our "Contact Us" page.