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Export and Import in Thailand

We do food supplies, drinks, IQF, cosmetics, medicine, seafood, agriculture, raw goods, and other goods made in Thailand to world wide. We can do all necessary procedures for you. We supply goods from Thailand and to Thailand. We do import and export customs formalities, land, sea and air logistics, licensing (alcohol, medicine, cosmetics), certification, services and more.

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Frozen Seafood

The Kingdom of Thailand - one of the leading manufacturers of frozen seafood. The country exports its products all over the world, including in Europe, where it is packed for export to Russia.

We will arrange the delivery of frozen seafood from Thailand directly, bypassing the chain of intermediaries.

Baby OctopusThai SeabassScomber Sardine & Mackerel

Fish SnackFish Snack 2Shrimp 2Shrimp

Tuna 2TunaCanned and packedPackaging

The range of frozen seafood

- Shrimps (including tiger and king), calamari, oysters, lobster, scallops, crab, octopus;
- Mackerel, sea bass (sea bass), tuna, sea bass, sea bream, barracuda, etc .;
- Zheltobokaya horse mackerel (used for the production of roach "with beer").

This is only part of the seafood that we can deliver on your orders. If you are interested in any other product - contact our managers and specify the range.

Who will be interested in our offer

We export from Thailand wholesale and in bulk, we work with companies on the principle of «B2B». We offer you a partnership and assistance in organizing business. Our customers:

- Large shopping supermarket chain;
- Suppliers of food catering and sushi bars;
- Companies that produce canned, prepared food, fish specialties, seafood snacks;
- Manufacturers of packaged seafood for further implementation.


We provide quality certificates and licenses for all kinds of seafood. You will receive a product that can be implemented in the distribution network, to supply the production process or in the territory of Russia.

Beneficial cooperation and guarantees

We are not engaged in selling products in the retail network and interact with the end user, and only work with partners on a "business to business". We offer you direct deliveries on favorable terms.

You get:

- Regular supply of fresh seafood directly from the manufacturer;
- Large assortment of scarce and sought-after food;
- Certificates and guaranteed quality products;
- Low prices;
- Special offers for long-term partners.

Frozen seafood direct from the manufacturer - it is the best deal for your business!

Fashion on a healthy diet has made major changes in the diet of Russians. Over the past few years, many fully or partially abandoned the use of meat, oily freshwater fish, high-calorie traditional Russian dishes. Now on the table of our countrymen dominated useful products, particularly seafood.

In Russia produces only a fraction of seafood, fishing own can not meet the growing demand. Therefore, imports of seafood is a promising and profitable business.

Seafood customers are retail chains, restaurants and manufacturers now popular snacks and convenience foods. The demand for them in the near future will only grow. Therefore, we are confident that your business will bring stable income, and we will do everything that our cooperation with you has been mutually beneficial and enjoyable.