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Export and Import in Thailand

We do food supplies, drinks, IQF, cosmetics, medicine, seafood, agriculture, raw goods, and other goods made in Thailand to world wide. We can do all necessary procedures for you. We supply goods from Thailand and to Thailand. We do import and export customs formalities, land, sea and air logistics, licensing (alcohol, medicine, cosmetics), certification, services and more.

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Food Products

Every day in the World appears hundreds of new department stores, and searching for reliable supplier becomes the task number one priority for the General Manager. Large supermarkets, chain stores, food hubs - everyone wants to get trust of customers supply only quality and safe products.

It's not a secret that in Thailand the agrarian economics payed the most attention from the government. Season for fruits and vegetables in Thailand never ends, continuing all year around. Fresh fruits and vegetables, canned products, frozen foods produces in Thailand, like many other products are in great demand all over the world.

Our company has successfully proved as a reliable supplier of quality food products from Thailand. We organize revolving shipments (continuous), fresh, dried, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables year-round. Air freight delivery with mandatory compliance with the terms and conditions of temperature, provides all required supporting documents and permits, as well as a mandatory quality control at every stage. By the sea, in reefer containers or normal containers, we supply food products with expiration dates more then three weeks. For example, cargo shipped by sea from Thailand to Los Angeles, takes 21 days to arrive. In contrast, airfreight is suitable for high value products or relative small quantities such as fresh mangoes or another perishable cargo. The cost of airfreight is more expensive, but the time of transportation is not more then 4 to 5 days from Thailand to Los Angeles.

If you don't find the products you are interested or interested in manufacturing production of goods under your own brand, please contact our experts through the "Contacts".