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Export and Import in Thailand

We do food supplies, drinks, IQF, cosmetics, medicine, seafood, agriculture, raw goods, and other goods made in Thailand to world wide. We can do all necessary procedures for you. We supply goods from Thailand and to Thailand. We do import and export customs formalities, land, sea and air logistics, licensing (alcohol, medicine, cosmetics), certification, services and more.

About Company

Company Overview

“Thai Russ Alliance Company Limited” is a world-class exporter of dried fruits, rice, sugar, salt, IQF, banana, soft drinks, caned fruits from Thailand and Russian Federation. We are more then regular trading company or trading agent. Our strong points:

  1. We do customs clearance and other necessary paper works for imported goods to Thailand in Bangkok airport, Phuket airport, all seaports in Thailand. We are good experienced in yacht import, personal assets import, equipment for factories, sauna, construction materials, wheat flour, macaroni products, cosmetic and personal care, and many other different commodities. 
  2. We do all necessary customs and other departments formalities, procedures and paper works as well as inspections on behalf of our partners or new customers for exported goods.
  3. We provide a full service starting from searching products and reliable factories, including checks, requests, documents formalities, samples delivery, native language negotiations, contracts and other documents works, inspections, logistics and customs fro small and big businesses.
  4. We do translations and support in negotiations, interpreter support and escort with our company representatives.
  5. We do reports and manage your/our projects based on world standards, with good knowledge in different business processes.
  6. Other individual services on request.

Quality Control

The management of quality is of utmost importance in export for customers worldwide. We inspect all cargoes before loading / unloading and provide photo and video materials as well as other reports, documents, seals, on behalf our customers. Experience of seasonal and regional climatic variations, we are well qualified to select only top quality export varieties from each area in accordance with international timing requirements for perishable cargoes. 


Logistic important step in the world wide supply possess. Fast delivery to port by trucks. GPS and temperature sensors combined with checks at weight stations. Gentle loading and unloading goods. Temporarily storing in warehouses, consolidation, packing, labeling, marking, rapping, sealing.

To provide the best freshness  for perishable cargoes, we use direct air delivery to all parts of the world. Long-term partnership relations with leading airlines, customs and government departments, experience in airports and sea ports free-zones, our staff make logistic more successful and reliable.

Our Mission

Create and meet the standards of the highest quality service in supplying goods worldwide from Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Russian Federation. 

Our Motto

Premium Quality Partnership!